ONCA took its first steps in January 2012 acquiring a plot of 124 ac. which we named Freedom; a space that will be used as diagnostic observation center and wildlife rehabilitation area.

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Freedom is located on the left bank of the Beni River between the Beni and La Paz Departments in the Bolivian Amazon. It is flanked by two important protected areas, the Madidi National Park and the Biosphere Reserve and Communal Lands Pilón Lajas, one of the areas with the greatest biodiversity of the planet. In addition, hosts territories of indigenous ethnic groups (mean, ese;ejja, chimane and moseten) that strive to maintain and safeguard their cultural roots.

- View of the river Beni from Libertad

Definitely, this is an ideal location that will allow tackling the task that we proposes:
protect the biological and cultural inheritance of this Bolivian Eden.

- Night at Camp Liberty

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We are an association that focuses in the defense of the environment and the support of the native communities.
We work without any economical or political funding, that’s why your support is vital

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Hey everybody, I have spent the last 6 month's working at an animal rehabilitation center and I am raising money by shaving my beard for new batteries. read more