ONCA wants to thank you for considering the decision to collaborate as a volunteer. Our ambitious journey will never come to a successful conclusion without the support of people like you, people who share our ideals.

ONCA is taking its first steps and workflow is not completely structured. This initial volunteering is distinguished by unwavering willingness to face the daily reality of strengthening the operational foundations of the organization.

We do not require a lot of time spent working since the rustic camp living conditions could become difficult for volunteers unaccustomed to the environmental conditions of the Bolivian Amazon.

The activities to be developed in the volunteer’s free time are self- selected (always informing in advance). Freedom has multiple worth visiting attractions.

In order to know the available vacancies, we suggest you to visit the VACANCIES section.


At this early stage the contribution of volunteerism is focused on cleaning the areas that will house future buildings, conservation boundaries and roads, preparation of bio-vegetable garden, the orchard maintenance (one of the few of income sources) and operations and care needed to ensure the facilities continue to function properly.

- work of creating trail


Volunteering at ONCA is completely free. Volunteers only have to pay for their food expenses. The costs is 60 Bs/night to form a pool of support.

- feeding time