1. - Construction and maintenance.

Contribute to the structure support. Simple labor and material transport. Paths and trails opening as well as take care of boundaries and garden upholding, among other tasks.

Minimum stay: 1 week.

2. - People with experience in gardening

We plan to build a sustainable veggie garden to minimice

Minimum stay: 2 week.

3. - For the Vet position, if you are willing to stay for at least one month, after approval, we will cover all the expenses related to your commitment with us after the first week (breackfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation)
For the general position of one minimum week we feel really sorry but bolivian prices are getting higher and higher so we got forced to raise the contribution for the project to continue being sustainable of 60Bs/day... this will cover food and accomodation cost, and derivates (finish paying solar power, gas, petrol, cleaning products, transport, materials etc... ), this doesnt include your own luxuries like snaks, beer, moskito repellent etc.

- Clearing land for the construction of the clinic

To volunteer

- school community Villa Alzira

If you would like to volunteer contact us, send an e-mail to


- recent photograph

- Full name

- Place and date of birth

- Permanent address

- Profession

- Occupation

- Vacancy to which you aspire

- Length of stay

- Date of arrival

- Summary of experiences and concerns

- Something about you

- What do you can provide?

- What do you expect of working with ONCA?

- How did you hear about ONCA?