We are people who share a passionate love of nature. We have worked for years in project management wildlife in different contexts (Bio parks, rehabilitation centers, noninvasive research, sanctuaries, zoo)

Our mission

In late 2011 we crystallized the idea to create something different that not only offered a conservation service and rehabilitation of wildlife, but to work in coordination with communities originating in the area, because they are carriers of ancient wisdom that remain unpolluted by the technology, consumerism and materialism of Western society. They have managed to live together with the environment and develop a quintessential utopia.

- Working group for demarcation of the town of EYIYOQUIBO.

ONCA has been created to direct and promote wellbeing, conservation and preservation of animals by creating a Center of custody and management for the rehabilitation of wildlife in the Bolivian Amazon.
In the rescue center at the moment we focus on the rehabilitation program of the primates.

Since the arrival and quarantine, until the complete rehabilitation, being capable to integrate and interact in the environment with the same recorded measurements as the studies of the wild primates.

At the moment we have four different species of primates that have already started the different phases of the rehabilitation process. All of the animals that find themselves in our center principally come from the circus, black market, illegal pets etc.

"They have no voice, we do."

It is common that they arrive to us with behavioural problems stemming from the mistreatment they received in the past. It is a challenge to make a desolate life convert into a future with hope. They deserve it! We also work in the area of education. We aim to inform the local people and the general public through education and awareness relative to the problem of trafficking of wildlife
Furthermore in ONCA we develop bulletins every semester to inform of our work and activities.

Multimedia gallery

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where you will see our photos and videos. You'll find snapshots of our space, our environment, our people, our animals, our views and flora.

If you are interested in any photo in particular contact us at info@oncaorg.org

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon