Activities in our organization are based on the two ideas of our reason of being, direct and promote conservation and the preservation of wildlife in the Bolivian Amazon and support for indigenous communities as well as government institutions and non-governmental organizations in the development and implementation of conservation projects.

Since January 2012 we have made significant advances that we can break down in three types of performances.

Activities in camp ONCA

Activities in camp ONCA are based on planning, development and implementation of buildings and infrastructure facilities necessary for the proper functioning of the rescue center. Something basic and essential for the development of our projects.

Activities with indigenous communities

In the development of our work supporting indigenous communities we are working with the native community Ese Ejja and native Tacana community.

Ese Ejja Community

We have supported in the delimitation with the GPS of the boundaries of the eyiyoquibo village. We have delivered books, notebooks and scholarly material for writing and organised a school painting activity for the children of the village.

Community Tacana

We have the great privilege to have as neighbors the community of Villa alcira, of the tacana ethnicity. They work every day to maintain their roots, culture environtment and the preservation of the nature through developing eco-tourism projects based in the community.
We have been supporting in reforestation and housing reconstruction of the community of Villa alcira which was strongly affected by floods February 2014. ONCA has taught English classes to Villa alcira (children and adults) as an instrumental tool that will provide them with autonomy in the development of their community project ecotourism.
We organize regular work activities for our volunteers to help the people of the community in whatever is needed eg. Farming, trail cutting, construction etc. We are proud to have made a webpage for their ecotourism project and also for the construction of their facebook page.

Environmental education activities

Early environmental education is so important, so that the children learn to respect every form of life. With the creation of the Rescue Center, we will start an environmental education campaign, consisting of the dissemination of conservation messages directly into formal training centers such as schools, primary, secondary and university. When it comes to different degrees of training, each program will count with an appropriate strategy for each audience.

In addition activities will be carried out through the means of mass media, trade shows or academics events such as congresses, workshops, among others. In these activities with the different educational programs, combined with the routine activities of workers in our Center, we hope to advance the perspectives of the people.

Activities of Conservation and preservation of wildlife.

Our conservation efforts and preservation of wildlife include all phases, from the rescue of endangered species in their natural environment as well as species retained as pets and on the black market and badly treated.

From our Center of diagnostic observation and rehabilitation we carry out the different activities of admission, quarantine, diagnosis, treatment, processes adaptation and reintegration.

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon