Thank you for considering the decision to collaborate as a volunteer. Our ambitious journey would never reach the destination without the support of people like you, people who share our ideals.

ONCA is still taking its first steps and the working dynamics are not completely structured. The volunteers will stand for the provision of facing the daily reality of strengthening operational foundations of the organization.

- volunteer group
- nuevos huespedes

New guests volunteering should not be "passive", speaking up of ideas and approaches that contribute to the planning and execution of projects are valued aspects.

- thanks for helping us
- preparation of the bio-orchard

We do not demand a long time devoted to work because of the rural living conditions in camp, it could become difficult for people not used to the environmental conditions of the Bolivian Amazon.
Activities to develop in the free time are chosen by the volunteers (always informing ahead). ONCA has and knows of many attractions worth visiting.
In order to know if vacancies are available, you are advised to visit the VACANCY page.


- Carles, volunteer vet

At this initial stage, volunteer input focuses, in addition to support with management of wildlife, is cleaning areas that in the future we may build on, construction, conservation boundaries and paths, the preparation of bio-gardens, maintaining plantations, operations and necessary care for facilities to continue to function properly.

The work with the wildlife varies depending on how long the volunteer is staying. A stay for one week will provide mostly construction work, with minimal animal work, eg cleaning cages etc. whereas a stay for one month will provide sufficient training to be able to handle the wildlife and participate in observation and care of animals.


- moments for food

Because we do not receive any grants or help from the government, volunteers must only cover the cost of food, accommodation and derivatives. Costs are 50Bs / night that make up a common support fund.

Free time activities

There are multiple sites and activities very interesting to perform in the spare time.

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon