1.- General construction and maintenance. Support in the construction, simple labor and transport materials. Making of trails and taking care of trails, care of boundaries and support in the garden, among other work.

Minimum stay: 1 week.

2.- People with knowledge in bio gardens We plan to be able to produce organic food to feed our animals and people, to minimize the costs

Minimum stay: 2 weeks

3.- Veterinarian Preferably with experience in wildlife (primates), to vets, previous interview (via email), after the first week 50 Bs daily contribution is paid by the organization

minimum stay: 5 weeks 5 semanas

4. – Caretaker The volunteer after training, will have the opportunity to support in the general work and care of wildlife. That is, depending on the time spent, cleaning areas of management, food, observation, behavioral studies etc. The work with the wildlife varies depending on how long the volunteer is staying. A stay of 2 weeks will provide mostly construction work, with minimal animal work, eg cleaning cages etc. whereas a stay for one month will provide sufficient training to be able to handle the wildlife and participate in observation and care of animals.

Minimum stay: 2 weeks

- cleaning of land
- construction of roof of palm

To be a volunteer

- assembly of recovery cages

If you want to participate as a volunteer, contact us. Please send us an email to



- recent photograph
- Full name
- Place and date of birth
- Permanent address
- Profession
- Occupation
- Vacancy to which you aspire
- Length of stay
- Date of arrival
- Summary of experiences and concerns
- Something about you
- What do you can provide?
- What do you expect of working with ONCA?
- Did you have contact with livestock (cows, horses, pigs, poultry, sheep,...) in the last two months?
- Have you been working with wildlife in the last two months?
- In affirmative case explain the activity.
- Did you have contact with macaques in the last two months?
- Have you been in Africa during the last two months?
- In affirmative case, explain the activities, dates and routes you followed.
- Have you been working in sanitary camp (Veterinary, doctor, nursery,...)?
- Are you carrier of Herpes (cold sore)?
- Have you had chicken pox (varicela) already?
- Have you had measles (sarampión) already? Or are you vaccinated?

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon