Collaborate with ONCA

We are an Association fighting in environmental protection and support for indigenous communities in an independent way, both political and economic, so we need your collaboration.

If you are interested in working with ONCA, you can do so in many ways and from many different sites: you can join as a volunteer and spend time in our camp living and working with us in our activities.

You can participate in our social network Facebook, helping US spread our activities and share your own information.

You can become an associate and contribute periodically or just make an economic donation for any of the equipment or tools that we need for the development of our activities.

Generally anything that seems to be of help, don't hesitate to put yourself in touch with us at
for any clarification or proposition that you would like.

Thank you very much for your collaboration

Acquire any of our products

You can also help us by acquiring some of our products related to our friends



For the development of our projects and activities we need to buy equipment and tools that are basic. Donating any of them is another way to help us achieve our objectives.
If you have any questions feel free to contact us. Here are our current needs

For the veterinary clinic:
- veterinary clinic of ONCA

Scales for weighing animals
Sterilizer for surgical instruments

For the camp:
- ONCA power plant

Solar panels
Batteries-solar AGM
Electric generator
Gas fridge

For community support:
- children of Tacana community

Contribution of teaching materials
For the children of community Ese Ejja it would be useful all kinds of school supplies (notebooks, pencils, books, etc.)

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon