Be an associate

Become an active part of our association. By becoming an associate of ONCA your regular contributions will help us to progress in the achievement of our goal “To protect the biological and cultural inheritance of this natural eden”

To be an associate follow these steps:

a) Credit Card or Paypal
The simplest option is by payment by credit card or paypal, click below the button Subscribe, where you access to PayPal and you can make your contribution safely and with the option that suits you.

Payment options

b)Banking Domiciliation

Write to us at tesorero@oncaorg.org so that we inform you of the process numbers to follow.

One euro per month

Teaming is an online tool to raise funds for social causes through micro donations of € 1 a month. The philosophy of Teaming is based on the idea that with € 1, we alone can not do much but if we join, we can get great things.
Do you want to help with € 1 a month?

Subscribe on our social networks

You can collaborate at no cost by subscribing with us on our social networks, this way we can reach a greater number of people and spread our work


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Make a donation

If you cant afford to be an associate, there is another way to collaborate with ONCA in its struggle for the protection , conservation, rehabilitation of wildlife and work with the local ethnicities.
You can do it by making a single donation, which will give us much needed support to reach our objetives. Each small bit helps.

How to Donate:

1- Write to us at tesorero@oncaorg.org and tell us how you want to donate.

2 - Click the Donate button above to access PayPal and have the option to donate any amount you like by credit card or paypal account.


Thanks a lot for your support.

Information of our activities

If you cant afford to be a associate or make a donation, but wish to know about our work and be informed of our projects and activities, write to us at info@oncaorg.org to show your interest and we will maintain you informed with our digital journal.

You also can participate in the social networks, helping us to expand our activities and by sharing your own skills and knowledge, enriching our projects.

If you want to collaborate as volunteer from home or by coming to the jungle you are welcome. Our journey will never go far without the support of people like you, who share our ideals and are willing to make a change.

Organization for the Natives and Conservation of the Amazon